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Be Safe Be Seen

The Siem Reap traffic safety initiative



  • Fast growing traffic
  • Lack of pavements
  • Little knowledge about the real traffic danger and traffic regulations
  • Little knowledge among youth and adults driving moto's and cars.

 According to statistics, 40% (probably higher in Cambodia) of all pedestrian accidents happen in the dark. By using a reflector band this number can be reduced by up to 70%. A person wearing a reflector band can be seen from

  • 140 metres distance if a car using low lights
  • 400 metres distance if using high lights.


Teach children about traffic safety and how to conduct them self in the traffic. Thus reduce the number of accidents through:

1.      Building awareness

2.      Promote use of reflector bands


To provide educational awareness through lessons in primary schools and to give out free reflector vests and reflector bands to children in these schools. 

These reflectors, informational material and teaching will be sponsored by private and corporate sponsors.

The project will be directed by NEDO in collaboration with The Soria Moria Hotel. Project start is set to January 2008.


Want to become a sponsor?

A full sponsor contribution include 1000 reflector bands, printing material and education.


1    school = us $600
1/2 school = us $300

1/4 school = us $150

1/8 school = us $75

Corporate on reflector logo prints are available for sponsors of 1200 dollars and upwards.

IBAN: NO75 5081 0746 464
ACCOUNT: 5081 07 46464

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